The Best Gmail Apps for Windows 10: Top 5 Tools Reviewed

If you find it difficult to manage your Gmail account on your PC, you do not have to worry. We provide some information about useful tools so you can make the best out of your Gmail apps for Windows 10. These tools not only help you simplify the steps on accessing your account but also help you sort out your emails.

Gmail App for Windows 10
Gmail App for Windows 10


This article will cover the best Gmail Apps for Windows 10 by reviewing five useful tools that not only help you to boost your productivity but also sort out your emails. 

Top 5 Gmail Apps for Windows 10:


EasyMail for Windows 10 is one of the top software to support your Gmail on your PC. Published by Tim Grabinat, this app is accompanied by some features such as accessing Gmail without browser; calendar, contacts, and notes can be accessed easily; multi-user support and many more.

EasyMail is created especially for Windows 10 that can support five accounts simultaneously. This app is also user friendly since it has a dark theme that can make you rest your eyes.


One of the best features of Mailbird is not only you can manage your Gmail account, but also other accounts such as yahoo mail, Microsoft, and so on in one app. To differentiate your accounts, you can separate them by color so you will not mix them up.

Although this app is free, the advantages it offers can help you to maximize your productivity. It is user friendly and has excellent customer service, many options for a keyboard shortcut, highly customizable, and many more. 

Opera Mail

The next Gmail app for PC is Opera Mail. This app might be the best-suited app to be added to your Windows 10 start menu. Based on its name, you can easily guess that this app was originally made together with the Opera web browser. It is believed to be one of the most compatible apps for Windows email clients.

Some advantages that you can get by using this app are totally free to use. It helps you to index and filter incoming emails, multiple email accounts and so on.  

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is one of the good Gmail softwares for desktop, especially Windows 10. One of the best features of this app is an open-source project that fully can be used. It also allows you to register an unlimited number of email accounts, which makes this app one of the coolest email services.

Another advantage that you can get when using this app is an advanced filtering ability that allows you to filter your incoming emails. You can classify your emails by age, sender, phase, and many more. This is the best app for those of you who want to have zero inboxes.

Fox Mail

Just like its name, this software is known as a speedy email client for Windows users. It is also claimed as a less cluster and smoother version of Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, there are many more advantages that this app has to offer to you.

One of the most useful features is a notepad button that allows you to take notes when you are working. Other great features are shortcut buttons for a reply, forward and delete, so no wonder this app is claimed as super user-friendly.


That is all for the list of the best Gmail apps for Windows 10. Actually there are still many email clients for Windows, but we only cover the top ones to shorten your options. Make sure to download and install the best app for your Gmail so you can boost your productivity.

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