Free Download and Instal Google Chrome for Windows 10

Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest web browsers that can be used in almost all operating systems or OS—as for Windows, setting up google chrome for Windows 10 is super easy and simple. Once you finish setting up, you can automatically enjoy its service.

Download and Install Google Chrome for Windows 10
Google Chrome Latest Version

We will show you how to download and install google chrome for Windows 10 for free. The steps are easy to follow, but you must make sure that your OS and other systems can be supported by Chrome.

Why using Google Chrome?

Chrome is one of the most advanced web browsers which provides a safer, easier, and faster technology. With a minimal and simple design, you can utilize one box to do search and, at the same time, also get suggestions. Here are why you should download and install Google Chrome for your brand new Windows 10:

  • You can search instantly. In other words, you can select from the result that pops up when you are typing.
  • Autofill that makes you type less. When you are filling in a form, sometimes it is tiring to write the same information. Autofill allows you to fill a form in one click, and surprisingly it is also designed across devices.
  • After signing in and syncing all of your devices, you can access all the web that you recently opened in a computer to your tablet, smartphone, and vice versa.

Download google chrome for Windows 10

Since you are using Windows, we will show you how to download google chrome using Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a built-in internet browser provided by Microsoft that can help you to get Chrome. This browser also allows you to download google chrome for free.

First thing first, before proceeding to further steps, make sure that you have a connection to a stable internet connection on your computer. Then, here are the steps to download this browser to your PC:

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • At the top, you will see an address bar. Then type and hit “enter” on your keyboard.  
  • You will see the result as you are suggested to download Chrome. Click “download Chrome” that is highlighted in blue colour.
  • Your result will display the terms of service by Microsoft. Make sure you read them carefully. If you are okay with those, then click “accept and install”.
  • After the download is finished, to Install chrome for Windows 10, then you click the “Run”. The installer will be started automatically after the download is finished.
  • Select “Yes” when the installer asks permission.
  • Your Google Chrome can be opened once the installation is completed. You also can use Chrome as your default browser.
  • After finishing all the processes, you are usually asked to sign up to use Google account. Or if you already have one, you just can simply log in to it.

Fixing problems when installing Google Chrome

When you are downloading and installing Chrome, you may find some problems. If you failed to install after some tries, you might check if your internet connection is good enough. If your internet is unstable, fix it immediately.

After checking your internet connection, you want to make sure one more time if your system requirements can be supported by Chrome. Then you can retry to download and install Chrome.

If you still have problems to do so, you can try an alternative way by using an offline installer. In a different computer that has a connection to the internet, you can download an alternate Chrome installer. After finishing downloading the file, then move it to your computer that you want Chrome to be installed on.

Then you can open the file and follow all the instructions until you finish installing successfully. The steps on setting up google chrome for Windows 10 are simple and easy. Once you get it on your computer, you will be pampered by more than thousands of free add-ons and plugins that can be downloaded for free.

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